Soil Testing

Soil testing forms the front end of the business for Buratt Consulting Engineers and is the critical component of the building and design process. Accurate geotechnical site analysis is critical for the foundation of any building structure.

At Buratt Consulting Engineers our staff are qualified and have 20 to 30 years geotechnical experience each. All geotechnical staff operate mechanical augers mounted on a 4WD and service all Melbourne and country areas. In general three boreholes are drilled per site and the soil is analyzed in accordance with relevant Australian and industry standards.

When preparing a geotechnical report existing features, such as trees and houses, are considered when providing site specific footing recommendations.  The site is classified in accordance with the current standard AS2870-1996.

Our staff are experienced to assess and provide wind classifications for housing in accordance with AS4055-2006 “Wind loads for housing”.

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